Collector’s Bill of Rights

The Professional Numismatists Guild – Ensuring Collectors’ Rights

Professional Numismatists Guild Member Dealers are proud to present this “Bill of Rights” to the numismatic community and make a solemn pledge to:
  • Not misrepresent rarity, value or quality of items sold.
  • Not use high-pressure sales tactics.
  • Never knowingly buy or sell stolen items, and assist authorities in the recovery of such items.
  • Not sell counterfeit, altered or repaired items without full disclosure to the buyer.
  • Not misrepresent the investment potential of the item(s) being sold.
  • Pay reasonable prices and pay promptly for items purchased from clients.
  • Promptly deliver items sold to clients.
  • Do their best to educate their clients or direct them to resources.
  • Give research and information to clients about items they purchase or inquire about, when requested.
  • Submit to the PNG arbitration in any unresolved dispute and abide by the arbitrators’ decision.