Our Commitment to Numismatic Education & the Next Generation of Professionals

The Professional Numismatists Guild takes our commitment to serving the numismatic community very seriously. The charter of the PNG is consumer protection, and to provide hobbyists and dealers the resources they need for a rewarding numismatic experience.

As part of our commitment to the trade, in 2023 PNG launched the nexGen Mentorship program.

nexGen Mission

“To guide youth to success in the numismatic industry by connecting interested young adults with Mentors, and using PNG clout to build relationships with numismatic organizations, worldwide.”

What is nexGen?

NexGen is an elite organization matching the cream of the crop of dealers and entrepreneurs in the numismatic industry with select outstanding next generational coin dealers and business men and women a like. NexGen seeks to fulfill a clear generational gap by bringing enlightenment to both sides of the industry through hosting events, online Q&As, and bringing strategies for success. Mentees of nexGen will have an advantage like no other, opening opportunities for internships, jobs, one-on-one mentor advice, and connections from around the world. Mentors of nexGen will also benefit from understanding personal insight in the future of trading with the next generations as well as open opportunities for future employees and/or potential business connections. NexGen members will be obligated to uphold the core values of PNG and our high standards for reputation, integrity, and responsibility.

Where will nexGen be in 2024?
Whitman Baltimore Expos: Spring, Summer, Fall
Central States Numismatic Convention 
ANA World's Fair of Money

nexGen Sponsors

The PNG nexGen program is truly grateful to our sponsors whose financial commitment makes this program possible.

Mark Salzberg nexGen founding sponsor
Mark Salzberg - nexGen Founding Sponsor

RARCOA - Official PNG nexGen Sponsor

Official nexGen Sponsor 2024


Event Photos

Mark Salzberg, founder of CCG, speaks at the inaugural social event for nexGen in Pittsburgh at the August 2023 World’s Fair of Money
png nexgen


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The PNG Mission

Ensuring integrity, instilling confidence, and promoting professionalism for the benefit of all numismatic collectors and professionals.