Professional Numismatists Guild Adds New Membership Categories

Updated PNG Bylaws continue emphasis
on strong consumer protection and education
(Temecula, California) December 27, 2023 – The Professional Numismatists Guild ( has revised its Bylaws to offer more membership categories for dealers and for others who support the nonprofit organization's consumer protection and education standards. The Ethics Pledge portion was also updated as part of the organization's strong opposition to “coin doctoring” deceptions.
“The PNG Board has made several significant changes to bring the Bylaws up to date for the betterment of the profession, the marketplace, and the hobby. This will help encourage more dealers and their staff members to become members of the organization and adhere to the PNG's Code of Ethics in the buying and selling of numismatic merchandise,” explained PNG Executive Director John Feigenbaum.
“I cordially invite all interested dealers to contact PNG to learn how membership can benefit their dealership and enhance the numismatic landscape,” said Feigenbaum.
The three PNG membership categories now are Gold, Gold Associate intended for employees of Gold category members, and Silver intended for non-dealers who are involved in numismatic-related projects such as marketing, museums, trade shows, and other work.
Those applying for Gold membership must have a minimum of three years of experience as a professional numismatist and will have a background and financial check done. The applicant must also agree to comply with the PNG Code of Ethics.
Gold Associate and Silver membership applicants do not have background checks but must agree to comply with the Code of Ethics.
Highlights of PNG's ethics pledge include:
To pay for coins I have purchased promptly unless otherwise agreed in writing between myself and my customer.
To refrain from misrepresenting the prices, quality or guarantees attached to my merchandise or that of my competitors.
To assist governmental authorities in investigating and prosecuting dealers in numismatic items when appropriate.
To refrain from knowingly dealing in stolen numismatic items, or buying and selling known modern counterfeit coins, currency or other numismatic materials that are, by law, not legal to possess.
To refrain from knowingly participating in, abetting or dealing in altered, repaired or “doctored” numismatic items, contemporary counterfeits, electrotypes, or published forgeries, without fully disclosing their status to my customer and/or making any attempt to deceive. Coin doctoring refers to the alteration of any portion of a coin with intent to deceive.
The full PNG Code of Ethics is online at
Founded in 1955, the Professional Numismatists Guild is a nonprofit organization composed of many of the country's top rare coin and paper money experts who undergo a background check, must adhere to a strict code of ethics in the buying and selling of numismatic items and who guarantee the authenticity of the numismatic merchandise they sell. The PNG mission statement is: Ensuring integrity, instilling confidence, and promoting professionalism for the benefit of all numismatic collectors and professionals.
For complete information about the PNG membership categories and to apply for membership, visit, or contact PNG by phone at 951-587-8300 or by email at


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The PNG Mission

Ensuring integrity, instilling confidence, and promoting professionalism for the benefit of all numismatic collectors and professionals.