No rare coin or precious metals buyer or seller likes that uncomfortable feeling they get when working with a dealer they're not sure about.  The Professional Numismatists Guild has virtually eliminated that feeling for thousands of coin, paper money and precious metals collectors and investors throughout the U.S.

Founded in 1955, the PNG's motto is Knowledge, Integrity, Responsibility. These are the key attributes you should look for when you're choosing a rare coin dealer, paper money expert, or precious metals dealer.  Every PNG member dealer possesses them, or they wouldn't be part of our association.

The PNG logo has become the symbol of professionalism in the numismatic field.  That's why NGC - one of the largest coin grading services in the world - proudly displays the PNG logo on every one of its coin holders, more than a million annually. That's testimony to the power of the PNG brand, and its membership.

Whether you're looking to buy a few nice coins or investing a small fortune, why would you ever do business with any rare coin dealer without PNG's safeguards in place?  And for dealers whose reputation for integrity is everything, a PNG membership should be a given.

Don't just hope for the best.  Choose a 
PNG Member Dealer near you.

The PNG Foundation:

Membership Requirements

PNG Code of Ethics

Collector's Bill of Rights

For additional information, contact the PNG headquarters in California at (951) 587-8300 or e-mail 
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Executive Director
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