Best Practices for Flying with your coins!

png quick tips flying with your coins

By Marc Crane, Marc One Numismatics

Professional numismatists fly with coins and so can you. Air travel is the fastest method across the USA with coins and here are a few suggestions for your journey.

Any value can be flown in and across the USA without restrictions, end of discussion.

However, your journey will be a little different. Here are tips to get you checked in, through TSA, into your seat and off to your final destination.

General tips:

Know your plane as your coin bag needs to fit under or over your seat. Your coin bag can be anything you can zip up or secure from a backpack to a “carry-on” with wheels. For the entirety of your travel be aware of your coin bag and surroundings.

Prior to X-Ray tips:

Up until you are at the X-Ray, you do not need to tell TSA agents or airline representatives that you have coins. Not at the ticket counter, not at the “I.D.” check.

X-Ray tips:

At the conveyor belt, submit your personal belongings and additional bags before your coins. This way the coins would be the last of your property through the X-Ray.

If the X-Ray TSA agent looks at you tell the agent they are, “coins.” If your bag is required to be searched now is when you say, “I would like a private screening please.” This is the correct language used by professional dealers and is recommended by

Two TSA agents will escort you to a private side room where they will carry your coin bag for you. The TSA will search your bag in front of you. The agents generally like coins because they are fun. Remember, the search is for a weapon. Your bag is being searched because the X-Ray technology cannot “see” a weapon under your coins. When the TSA has completed their search is when you repack and journey on. Allow up to 30 minutes for this entire process.

Interestingly, no one ever asks you why you had a private screening. So don't worry about it.

Further travel tips:
  • Try to avoid a bulkhead seat.
  • Don't tape your coin bags closed. The TSA needs access.
  • Board early. Overhead space is usually taken once deep into general boarding.
  • Make sure you can lift your bag over your head to avoid a helpful stranger.
  • Keep an eye on your bag as travel bags can look similar.
  • Enjoy your flight and don't forget your bag!


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