Why Precious Metals?

Precious metals are a steadfast investment in an unstable world.

Article courtesy of Heartland Precious Metals.

Precious metals are a steadfast investment in an unstable world.

We are living in an era of paradox. We can connect with virtually anyone, anywhere, anytime. We have the potential to achieve wealth instantly through a stock market investment or business deal. We can move trillions of dollars across the world in a split second. Never before have there been more opportunities to create and grow abundance.

Conversely, the world has never been so unstable. Wealth can vanish instantly. A single savvy hacker, a single terrorist attack or a single world crisis could shut down the stock market, cause global fiat currencies to tumble and ignite panic in a heartbeat.

Yet, there is one investment that remains steadfast: precious metals.

Precious metals have been the currency of choice for thousands of years. Unlike stocks or real estate, you can take precious metals with you wherever you go. You can touch them. You can hold them. You can trade them. They are universally valued.

Gold has retained its value. Paper currency hasn't.

Consider this ? gold has about the same purchasing power today as it did in 1920. If you purchased a brand-new Ford Model T in 1920, it would have cost you about 20 ounces of gold. Today, you could get a brand-new family car for about the same 20 ounces of gold, and you could get the car in any color you wanted, instead of just black. Bottom line, gold has more than retained its purchasing power for the past 100 years.

Consider this ? in human history, every single monetary system that was not backed by gold has failed. Those currencies today will eventually fail too; this is a mathematical certainty. If you doubt this, ask our friends in Germany, Argentina, China or India. We could go on and on.

These are just some of the reasons why every one of us at Heartland Precious Metals invests in these tangible assets. We want the same thing for our families as you do; a portfolio that has a secure foundation and can withstand the unexpected. We want to have the means to provide for our loved ones no matter what happens. We want to rest assured that the wealth we have worked so hard to achieve in our lifetime blesses our families for generations to come. And we want to provide that very same opportunity to you.

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