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The Promoting Numismatic Growth Internship Program offers a ground floor opportunity to take your interest/hobby to the next level, and turn it into a successful career.  The program consists of four three-month placements at well known PNG member owned organizations.  During these assignments, interns will gain hands-on experience and knowledge of key principles necessary for a career in numismatics.

Successful completion of this program could result in employment within the numismatic industry, and put you on the path to becoming a professional numismatist. 

The Professional Numismatists Guild is looking for serious, committed individuals to accept this challenge. 

Individuals who are selected to participate in the Promoting Numismatic Growth Internship Program will spend three months with each of four separate Host Dealers, over the course of one year.  Rotations will be coordinated so that interns are exposed to different aspects of the numismatic industry at each location.  In order to accomplish this, interns may be sent to organizations that are located in different cities throughout the United States.  Accordingly, candidates must be willing to commit to a one-year program, including travel.

Housing in each location, as well as transportation to and from the Host Dealers, will be provided by the Professional Numismatists Guild, at no cost to the interns.  In addition to having these expenses paid, interns will also receive a salary, provided by each of their Host Dealers.

To be considered for a slot in the Internship Program, interested individuals will submit an application, along with an essay outlining why they should be selected as an intern.  There is an application fee of $250, which covers the cost of a background check.

This fee also provides candidates with access to the Level 100 educational courses, which are required as part of the application process.  These courses will be conducted on-line, and should take no more than one month.  Actual time spent could potentially be less, depending on individual efforts.  Upon completion of Level 100, candidates will be tested and evaluated to determine if they will move forward in the program.  Successful candidates will be invited to continue on to the next level.

To ensure a productive experience, interns will need to possess a basic knowledge of various numismatic concepts before they are placed with Host Dealers.  Our Level 200 courses are designed to provide candidates with this entry level education.  Level 200 courses are $250 in total, and should require no more than two months to complete.  Again, courses are conducted online, and time spent will depend on individual efforts.  There will be required reading associated with these courses, and candidates will be tested on the content.   Those who pass this level will receive a certificate, and better yet, be placed on the approved list from which Host Dealers will select their interns.

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Funded by the Edward Milas Memorial Fund

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