Rare Coins Index Soars, But "Know Your Dealer," Advises Professional Numismatists Guild

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(Temecula, California) -- Rare coins soared 25 percent in value over the past year and 248 percent the past ten years, according to the Luxury Investments Index in the recently-released Knight Frank 2013 Wealth Report. However, numismatic experts caution that before making a purchase investors should beware of unscrupulous "boiler room" dealers who may promise more than they deliver.
            "Rare coins are an enjoyable hobby and part of some people's long-term portfolios, but buyers should remember the important adage: If you don't know rare coins, you better know your rare coin dealer," said Jeffrey Bernberg, President of the Professional Numismatists Guild (www.PNGdealers.com). 
            Founded in 1955, the PNG is a nonprofit organization composed of many of the country's top rare coin and paper money dealers. PNG members must adhere to a strict Code of Ethics ( http://www.pngdealers.com/category.php?category_id=6) in the buying and selling of numismatic merchandise.
            "The authoritative Knight Frank Wealth Report and the recent, record-breaking auction of the first rare coin to reach the $10 million dollar level have prompted more people to look into rare coins as long-term investments," Bernberg explained.
            "As with stocks, bonds, fine art or real estate, the numismatic market is a highly specialized field. We encourage buyers to read about coins, learn the basics and work with a professional, expert dealer before making a large investment. PNG members must demonstrate knowledge, responsibility and integrity in their business dealings, and must agree to binding arbitration to settle any unresolved disagreements over numismatic property."
            A complete list of PNG member-dealers can be found online atwww.PNGdealers.com.
            For a complimentary copy of the informative pamphlet, "Important Things to Know Before You Buy Rare Coins or Currency" or a printed directory of PNG member-dealers, send your name and address to: The Professional Numismatists Guild, 28441 Rancho California Rd., Suite 106, Temecula, CA 92590.  Contact the PNG by phone at (951) 587-8300, by email at   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or visit online at www.PNGdealers.com.
            The full Knight Frank 2013 Wealth Report is available free online at http://my.knightfrank.com/research-reports/the-wealth-report.aspx.
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