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Bart, Frederick J

About me

Roseville, MI

PNG #585 since 2002


Executive Currency

P.O. Box 2

Roseville, Michigan 48066

Phone: (586) 979-3400

Specialties:  Frederick J. Bart specializes in United States numismatics, with an emphasis on currency and coins.  Frederick appraises, assembles and purchases collections for clients, attorneys, and institutions.  Outside consultants are utilized for historical autographs, fine art, numismatics from other countries, and stamps allowing him to handle nearly every estate.  The decision to utilize a professional is not one to be made lightly.  Frederick stands ready to guide clients, whether buying or selling, along every facet of the journey.

Notes:  Interviews with Frederick Bart have appeared on CNN, NBC, ABC and Fox News.  He has been quoted in USA Today, numerous newspapers throughout the country and extensively in numismatic publications.  Frederick J. Bart has handled nearly every US paper money rarity, including the $1,000 1890 Grand Watermelon Treasury Note and $1,000 1880 Marcy Silver Certificate, each multi-million dollar rarities.  He authored the definitive reference book Comprehensive Catalog of United States Paper Money Errors; the 4th Edition is slated for release in 2015.

Hours:  9 am - 9 pm EST

eBay user name:  Bart Inc Cor

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